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 POPOLO November 2011 issue
Releasedate: 2011/09*

MYOJO November 2011 issue
Releasedate: 2011/09*

MAQUIA November 2011 issue
Releasedate: 2011/09*

Ray November issue
Releasedate: 2011/09*

All credits to the rightful owners.

* I couldn't find or figure out when these magazines will be released. If someone knows where I can find the exact dates or knows it already, please inform me so I can edit this post. Thank you in advance

31 May 2011 @ 06:33 pm

Magazine: An An
Releasedate: 2011/06/01

(cr: on pic)ANAN kawaii ne~~Screammmmmmmmm

Here are some previews that I've collected through other social sites. I would like to inform you that all these scans and pictures are to the rightful owners. If you bump into an image you have scanned or taken a picture of, please inform me so I can credit you on that noted scan or picture.

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Ok , so this is my first entry since I became a member of lj. Now I finally have something to post XD
The most already know about this, since I bothered you with this XDD
Anyway I wanted to share some pics that I took of my Yamanade photobook = D = D = D ( ^ o  ^ )
Didn't know to have this photobook in real to be so thrilling ((o ( ^ ____ ^ ) o))
So here are some, but more will come (wow that rhymes = D (blame the hyperness)
(a litlle warning: image-heavy..)

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